Architecture of San Francisco

While San Francisco was first settled upon in the late 1700’s, the majority of homes you see today were built post 1900 and there have been some dramatic changes to the landscape along the way….

Did you know that in the 1850’s Rincon Hill used to be a wealthy neighborhood with Georgian Style Mansions? Or that South Park was originally built in the English Roman style similar to what you see in the Kensington neighborhood of London? Or that where the Mark Hopkins Hotel stands now, stood a 70 room Gothic style Mansion owned by the widow Mary Hopkins till it burned in the 1906 fire? Or that Pacific Heights was an area of vegetable farms, open fields and nurseries and Cow Hollow was for dairy farming!

After 1906, the City as we know it today was beginning to be built and rebuilt. The smattering of architecture you see throughout the city built pre 1906 is here because it survived the fire. Most of what you see however is less than 100 years old.  There are several distinct styles: Victorian, Edwardian, Marina, 20’s , mid-century, Beaux Arts and a number of well-known San Francisco architects which represented those styles: Julia MorganWillis PolkAlbert Farr, Wooster,Bernard Maybeck, Henry Gutterson… Eichler, Saitowitz.

San Francisco is…

Beautiful architecture within beautiful surroundings looking out at beautiful vistas.